Once your iOS apps are approved by Apple, you can search for the app by name within the App Store. You'll find your app listing, which contains the Publish Step info you provided at the time of publish. When we upload your app, we plug this info into iTunes Connect, and that iTunes Connect information becomes your App Store listing. Most of the iTunes Connect listing content cannot be changed without an app update once the app is live.

  • See here for info on what can be changed in Connect after your app is live.
  • See here for info on what changes require a full republish/update.

Apple Developer Name

Your Apple Developer Name is the primary name associated with your Apple Developer account. It will appear on all of your app listings in the App Store, as seen below ("MyMobiSolution"). Users can click the name to see other apps you've created.

[image here]

This name is set when your first app is uploaded, and it cannot be changed without contacting Apple directly. For that reason, it's important that you specify your desired Apple Developer Name when you publish your first app. The publish form (seen below) has a field for this purpose. Keep in mind, your Developer Name must be unique—if the name you've chosen has already been taken by another developer, our upload team will email you to request a new name.