Apps published: September 1, 2015 - present (iOS); September 11, 2015 - present (Android)

Feature Releases (Update Required)

  • Native Food Ordering feature: Replaces the HTML5 version and introduces cool new features
  • Blur Effect: Add this to your images for quick, great-looking designs
  • Braintree integration: A smarter way to accept payments through the new Food Ordering feature (update only required for native Food Ordering; Braintree will work with new HTML5 version)

Feature Upgrades (Update Required)
  • Improvements to image display & handling
  • Improvements to GPS function

Feature Upgrades (No Update Required)

iOS-Specific (Update Required)
  • Around Us: Optimized layout on larger iPhones when Comments are hidden (see below for previous layout)
  • PDF & Web Site: Print function is now a selectable option (enable/disable from the CMS)
  • UI tweaks for the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
  • Thumbnail images now use aspect fill instead of being stretched vertically/horizontally
  • Keyboard displays improved in landscape view on iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
  • Email Collection: Re-ask frequency improved
  • Image Gallery: Removed "nothing found" message when images are loading
  • Loyalty: Download reward prompt will no longer direct user to the tab when they click "Close"
  • Mailing List: "Use Alphabet" toggle added for the Zip Code keyboard
  • Real Estate: Thumbnail images in gallery will respond properly when tapped on iPhone 6
  • Walkthrough: "Get Started" button will translate properly

Updating Your Apps

Read over all the reasons it's necessary to republish/update an app here. See below for instructions on how to republish/update your iOS and Android apps, if you choose to do so.