With our Cherry release, we now offer a background image blur feature that helps you create great-looking applications in less time than ever before.

Starting with just one image, you can now toggle the blur effect on globally or on a feature-by-feature basis to complete graphics for your entire app. If you want to spice up some tabs with a bit of added color, try adding the blur effect to images from our included gallery.

Works On:

  • iOS apps published September 1, 2015 & later
  • Android apps published September 15, 2015 & later

1. Under Step 3 (Appearance), click Settings > Global Style > Blur Effect.

2. You have a couple options here. You can blur the backgrounds of specific tabs:

Or you can apply the blur effect to your home screen and all tabs by enabling the toggle:

Here are some examples of the Blur Effect in action:


  • The blur effect does not apply to home screen slider images.
  • For HTML5 apps, the blur effect's success depends on the browser. Refer to this article for more details.