As you know, we’ve made some big changes to the CMS. It’s designed to be more user friendly, however, some of the terms have changed, which may be confusing at first. To make this transition smoother for you, we've put together a glossary of the terms that have changed for easy reference. The first term is the new term, and the second is the term it translates to on the old CMS. 

  • Additional Buttons: Extra Buttons
  • Build: Functionality + Content
  • Button Background Color: Button & Image
  • Design: Appearance
  • Features: Tabs
  • Feature Background Images: Screen Background (defaults to background for ALL tabs)
  • Feature Styling: Global Style
  • Model: Custom Appearance
  • Navigation Buttons: Tab Buttons
  • Screen Info: Tab name
  • Shortcuts: Subtabs

Events V2

  • Attend: Going


  • Offer: Perk
  • Stamps Loyalty: Regular Loyalty
  • Tiered Loyalty: Advanced Loyalty


  • Homescreen Widget: Messages Center Shortcut


  • Information: Service Center Information

Text editor (wisiwig)

  • < >: HTML

New Terms

  • Global Time Zone: Time zone that will be used for the whole app unless otherwise selected. This can be found in the settings section.
  • Review: Added step that allows you to select an app build, start from scratch, or review the app building checklist.
  • Submitted Data: Data from Email Forms, Mailing List, Food Orders, Merchandise, Reservations