The geo-fencing feature has been a huge enhancement to the push notification system and the marketability of our apps. You can fence off a specific area for your push notification, and when users enter that area, they’ll automatically receive the message on their device. By setting an active period for the push notification, you can limit the time period for the messagefor instance, if you’d like all users who enter the area before 5 PM tomorrow to receive your push notification. This is especially useful when businesses have deals or events they’d like to advertise to nearby users who are most likely to take advantage.

1. Enter your push notification message text like usual in Step 1 of the Messages window.

2. Select “Specific Area Users” from the drop-down in Step 2 of the Messages window.

3. In the next drop-down that appears to the right, select “Geo-fence.”

4. To jump to the location you want, you can enter a specific address and hit enter, or drag the map manually.

5. In order to edit your geo-fenced region, just click and drag the white circles on the border of the red area. You can create a unique shape that includes only the areas you want the message active in. As you can see, it's possible to get quite creative with these fences.

Note: We recommend creating geo-fences with a radius of at least 3 blocks. Apple doesn't allow for extremely accurate location-tracking, so users will need to be a ways into the geo-fenced area before they actually receive the push notification. It's better to be safe by setting the perimeters wider than you require.

6. Once your geo-fence is finished, move on to Step 3 to add rich content. Here you can link to an event or coupon related to your geo-fenced message.

7. In Step 4, select your time zone from the drop-down menu.

8. Check the box for Active Until, and select the time and date you'd like the message to be active until using the calendar pop-up. You can drag the Hour & Minute bars left and right to select the time.

9. If you're scheduling the push notification for later, do so as you normally would, selecting the time from the "Send On" drop-down.

10. Once all fields are complete, hit the Publish button.

Note: Geo-fenced push notifications are received each time the user enters the geo-fenced area.