Apps published: February 1, 2015 - March 22, 2015

Feature Releases (Update Required)

Feature Upgrades (Update Required)

  • Loyalty Tab: Gauge view added
  • Comment disabling: Disable commenting abilities for tabs like Events v2, Contact, Info, etc. through the Publish Step
  • Social Tab: Users will be indefinitely logged into their Facebook/Twitter accounts after syncing
  • Real Estate Tab: Enable or disable the Rent/Own filter to combine or separate listings
  • RSS Feed Tab: Organize items in ascending or descending order
  • Reservation Tab: Add appointments to your device calendar; select from miles or kilometers in the back-end
  • Food Ordering and Merchandise Tabs: Users will see an "Are you sure?" prompt to prevent them from losing their orders when they hit the back button
  • Quality of social media avatars (user profile pictures) in the Fan Wall Tab, activity streams, etc., have been boosted
  • Push notifications: Improved reliability with a customizable "Notify Me" prompt

iOS-Specific (Update Required)

Android-Specific (Update Required)

  • Map views have been upgraded throughout the app
  • Modern sliders have been added
  • Music Tab: Now compatible with iTunes files


Other iOS Improvements

  • Appearance: Translucent Modern menu background; Small gap above ads fixed; Global animation for show/hide of list views (dropdown icon); Pull down to enlarge map view
  • Around Us Tab: Added "Web site is not available" prompt when button is clicked and no URL is provided
  • Contact Tab: Adjusted order of address lines
  • Events v2 Tab: Adjusted order of address lines
  • Image Gallery Tab: Addition of "Load More" button
  • Info Tab: Embedded Google Maps & Facebook links now open outside the app
  • Loyalty Tab: Removed inner shadow from progress bar
  • Messages Tab: Change to home screen widget due to Apple rejections
  • Mortgage Calculator Tab: Layout improvements
  • QR Coupon Tab: Instructional text updated
  • Real Estate Tab: UI updates; "N/A" now displays in the pricing field when "N/A" is used on web
  • RSS Feed Tab: Full article descriptions; Google News
  • Social Tab: Onboarding pop-up uses animation from Golf Course score edit panel
  • Walkthrough Tab: iPad layout improvements

Updating Your Apps

Read over all the reasons it's necessary to republish/update an app here. See below for instructions on how to republish/update your iOS and Android apps, if you choose to do so.