If you'd like to move over to MyMobiSolution from another app builder, we'd love to have you. Before you finalize your decision, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Apps must first be recreated on the MyMobiSolution platform.

Because our app builder is different from other companies, it's not possible to simply migrate your existing app over to us as-is. You'll want to begin by creating an app on our site (which you can do for free).

2. You need to own or have access to the Apple Developer account where your app is hosted.

Once you've recreated the app on the MyMobiSolution platform, it comes time to update over the existing version in Apple Developer. In order to do this, we'll need the Developer account information so we can update over the current version using the app you've created on our site. If your app is hosted in a Developer account you don't have access to, see our tutorial on transferring apps between Developer accounts.

3. Once the update to your iOS app is released, the MyMobiSolution version will take over.

This process is very seamless for the end users, who will simply see an available update for the app and install the updated version on their iOS devices. Nowadays most iOS users have auto-updates enabled, which makes it even more convenient. Once the update is installed, users will be using the MyMobiSolution version.

4. We can't update over your existing Android apps.

Google places restrictions on app updates, so we unfortunately cannot replace your existing Android app with a new version created on our site. Instead, you'll need to upload the MyMobiSolution version as a new app, then encourage users of your old app to migrate to the new version. Push notifications and in-app notices with links to the new Play Store listing are a good way to do this.