Available on:
- iOS
- Android

The Ads tab is a great option for companies that plan to add monetized or house ads to their apps. We offer three options: iAds (for iOS), AdMob (for Android), and Doubleclick (for Android). When you enable ads of any type, banner ads will begin appearing at the top of tabs within your app. In most cases, these banners appear between the header and the content of the tab.

See our help desk articles on AdMob and Doubleclick for more details on each one.


1. In Step 1 (Functionality), click Add New Tab.

2. Create a Tab Title, select the AdsTab from the Tab Function drop-down, and choose an icon or upload your own. Save your changes. (You can change all this information later.)

3. Go to Step 2 (Content) and click on your new tab. Here you'll enable ads and integrate AdMob or Doubleclick.

4. Click Show Ads within my app. When you check this box, you automatically enable iAds for your iOS apps.

Note: iAds will only work for iOS apps published February 2015 and later.

5. Next, click AdMob ID or Double Click for Publishers ID to enable an option. Plug in your Ad Unit ID, and click Save Changes at the bottom.

  • AdMob: You can create house ads or campaigns with AdMob. See here for instructions on finding your Ad Unit ID.
  • Doubleclick: See here for details on creating an ad and finding your Ad Unit ID.

6. That's it! Ads will begin appearing within your app. At any point, you can disable ads by returning to the Content step and unchecking Show Ads within my app. (Note: Deleting the Ads tab without first unchecking this box may not disable ads from appearing.)