If your application is using the Membership feature, you will need to provide account information to Apple so they will have proper access to demo your app.

Doing this is rather easy. We have outlined the steps below.

First, you will want to publish your app on through the MyMobiSolution platform. Once your app has been submitted to Apple, you will receive an email from iTunes Connect informing you that the application is ‘Waiting for Review’. Once your application is in this state you can add the demo account to the review process.

Now head to the CMS and navigate to your membership tab in the Content step.

If you are using the Single account type, you will want to provide these credentials to Apple.

If you are using the Multiple account type, you have the option to create a separate user for Apples review. For example you can create user ‘Apple’ with a generic password. Then you can select which tabs you wish to allow the review team access to.

Once you have the credentials for the account you will provide head over to https://itunesconnect.apple.com

Login and select ‘My Apps’. Now you will see a list of the submitted applications under your developer account. Select the application you that is using the membership tab you need to add a demo account for.

Select the version that is waiting for review and scroll down. You should now see fields that accept Demo Account information as long as additional notes (The notes will be optional).

Be sure to provide the exact credentials from the CMS. If they are incorrect Apple will reject your app and require to restart the entire submission process.

After the review is complete you will receive emails as usual from Apple if there is any additional information or steps needed.