Apple's approval guidelines are extremely strict. As a result, we set down specific limitations to help you get your app approved.


Apple's Biggest Pet Peeves


  • App Company Apps: For example, your new app company's name is Mobile App Masters and you want to create the "Mobile App Masters App." We will not upload it. There's no way Apple will approve it, since it's purely marketing in nature.
  • Wedding or Personal Event Apps: Apple will never approve an app that's for a wedding or any other personal event. It holds no long-term value in the marketplace, and after the event is over, it will most likely never be used again. Apple doesn't want unused apps floating around the App Store.
  • Adult Content Apps: An app with overt adult themes, nudity, or questionable content. This includes apps for gentlemen's clubs, escort services, adult entertainers, etc.

Apps created for these types of industries are a NO-GO. They're extremely hard to create without violating one if not several of Apple's review guidelines. For that reason, we won't spend time uploading them, just as you shouldn't spend time creating them.

Additional Guidelines
  • Apps cannot be solely marketing in nature, meaning the app cannot simply list your services or products. There must be a useful function to the app that compels users to revisit it often.
  • Apps must contain dynamic content and integrate with iOS's native features.

Even if you believe your app doesn't violate these rules and has a distinct purpose, we will not upload it. However, there's no review process for Android or HTML5 apps, which means you have free rein for those platforms!