Q: How do I access the new, in-house analytics system?

A: First you’ll need to turn on the new CMS by logging into an app and clicking “New CMS” located in the upper righthand corner. Once you are in the new CMS, click Analytics, then “Use New Analytics” in the upper lefthand corner.

Q: Does the in-house analytics system require an update?

A: Your app must be on the Orange source code and have 15 unique users open the app once the it’s been updated. If your app isn’t on Orange, or it is on Orange, but hasn’t had 15 app opens, then it will use demo data instead of showing the real analytics.

Q: What are the benefits of the in-house analytics system?

A: Prior to the in-house analytics (and on apps published before Orange), we used Google Analytics. Google offers a great analytics system, however once the amount of data goes beyond a given number, they begin to sample results. This means that Google will return an estimate of what the analytics really are. Basically, Google Analytics is great for large data sets, but not as effective for diverse data sets.

The in-house analytics offers all the same information as Google Analytics, but are immensely more accurate.

Q: How far back will I be able to see information?

A: We started building the groundwork for this system on the Chestnut source code in February, 2015, so the information can be tracked as far back as February, as long as your app used the Chestnut at one point in time. For example, if you first published your app in December 2014, then updated to Chestnut, you'll be able to see analytics since the date it was updated to Chestnut. If you first published your app in December 2014, then held off on updating until the Ivy source code in June, 2014, you will see analytics since the time it was updated in June, but not before.

Q: My app is not on the Orange source code, why can’t I see the old analytics in the new CMS?

A: Only the new analytics can be viewed from the new CMS. If you would like to look at the old analytics, please switch back to the old CMS.

For more information on the new analytics, please contact support here.