Q: Why did I receive an email from Google Play stating that I need to declare ads in Google Developer?

A: Google Play is launching a program early in 2016 that requires all developers to indicate whether or not their apps contain ads. Each app will have an ‘ad label’ in the Google App Market listing.

Q: My apps don’t have any ads in them, do I still need to declare?

A: Whether or not your app is actively using ads, all Android apps published through our platform are built with the capability to have ads. When you see this agreement in your Google Developer account, simply select 'yes' to declare your app supports ads. If you attempt to select 'no' to the agreement, Google will see the ad identifier in the .SDK file and require you to select 'yes.'

Q: When do I need to declare by?

A: You'll need to declare that all your apps have ads by January 11th, 2016.

Q: What happens to my account if I don’t declare ads?

A: You won’t be able to submit any new updates for your apps until ads have been declared.

Q: How do I declare ads in Google Developer?

A: Log into your Google Developer Console> select an app> click Pricing & Distribution.

For more information on declaring ads in Google, please see here.