Q: How can I access the new CMS?

A: To turn it on, click the "New CMS" button located in the upper righthand corner of the app builder. It may take a few minutes to compile, but after that, you will be able to toggle between the two platforms while you get used to the new CMS.

Q: Does clicking on the NEW CMS for an app change just that one app or all the apps in my reseller dashboard?

A: Only the individual app will be changed.

Q: Will it change the CMS in my client panel.

A: No. It will only change the app in your reseller dashboard.

Q: When will my clients see the new CMS?

A: The new CMS will be released to your clients in Q2 of 2016. At that point, you'll have control of which one they see. You’ll be able to turn on and off the new CMS while you train your clients.

Q: I see some new terms on the CMS. What do they mean?

A: We put together a glossary to help you learn the new terms.

Q: Will this CMS replace the existing CMS?

A: Eventually, but not for a very long time. We will allow you to toggle between the two platforms for close to a year. All future updates, however, will only be available on the new platform, so we highly recommend you start getting used to it.

Q: Will all my apps be transferred over?

A: Absolutely! This transition won’t affect any of your apps.

Q: Will the costs be the same?

A: Yep! This won’t affect your subscription in any way either.

Q: Where will the training videos be?

A: Yes! We are working on producing tutorials now and they will be white labeled, so you can share them with your clients.

If you have any more questions on the new CMS, feel free to contact support here.