Q: Why does each category turn off when I click it? Wouldn’t logic say it turns on?

A: The logic here can he a little confusing so here is a break down:

Let’s say that I’m using an app for a city that has three categories: Restaurants, Things to Do, and Hotels. The tab displays all three categories when it’s first opened. Now I only want to view Restaurants. The first instinct might be to click on Restaurants button, but if you do that, the Restaurants disappear. If I click it again, the Restaurant's return. Instead, you need to click on the Things to Do and Hotels button so they no longer display, and you are only left with Restaurants.

This system may seem counterintuitive, but let’s think of this another way. What if I want to view both restaurants and hotels? If we are using the logic that you click to view a category and the others go away, then it would be impossible to view multiple categories at once. I would click Restaurants, and then Hotels and Things to Do would disappear, then I would click Hotels, and the Restaurants would disappear. The best logic for solving this problem is that you click a category to turn it off at first, then click it again to turn it back on so that multiple tabs can be viewed at once.