Anywhere on the MyMobiSolution platform you see the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor you can create a link to start a phone call, send a text, or send an email! There are two ways to achieve this: using the Link or HTML options in the editing panel. With either method, you can create linkable text or images.

(This is the WYSIWYG by the way)

Using the Link Option

To create a Call, SMS, or Email link, simply highlight the text or image you want to create the link for, then click the hyperlink option. In the Link URL field enter:

  • tel: followed by the phone number to create a Call link
  • sms: followed by the phone number to create a Text Message​ link
  • mailto: followed by the email address to create an Email link

Using the HTML Option

You can achieve the same thing using the HTML option. Just click the HTML button and add the following codes wherever you want the links to appear:
  • Call: <a href="tel:123456789">Text or Image URL Here</a>
  • Text: <a href="sms:123456789">Text or Image URL Here</a>
  • Email: <a href="mailto:youremailaddress">Text or Image URL Here</a>
You can get creative with the email settings as well. Check out this article for some additional options.