To help you hit the ground running, MyMobiSolution offers a professional app building service. We'll design and create an app for you, as long as it meets the guidelines below.


First build: $100*
All builds thereafter: $200
Expedite fee: $50**

*If this is your first app build, click here for more information!
**The turnaround time for expedited app builds is 2-3 business days.

What's Included

  • The app's graphics will be optimized for Mobile (iPhone 4/Android), iPhone 5, and iPad.

  • App icons and splash loading screens will be added to the Publish Step.

  • The first 3 screenshots will be added for all three 3 device sizes (Mobile, iPhone 5/6, and iPad) in Step 4 of the platform.


  • The goal of the App Build Service is to get your iOS apps approved. We'll only create apps that will be approved by Apple.

  • The business must have a front-end website for our design team to grab images and stylize from. We'll also need any high-quality images they want to use.

  • We won't make any edits, minor changes, or back-and-forth revisions to our completed app builds. These are up to you and your clients, and are actually a good way to learn the platform quickly.

  • Won't enter any text information in Step 5. The app name, description, keywords, app icon name, etc., need to be confirmed by you before the app is published.

  • The App Build Service is heavily focused on graphics & aesthetic. Content and text can be edited after the app is released to you.

Requests We Won't Accept

  • Any app build request that falls under the "no-go" industries

  • Websites that lack high-quality images and dynamic content

  • E-commerce websites that require full content population

  • Apps in a language other than English

After the build is complete, we'll email you the information so you can preview the app. App build turnaround time is anywhere from 5-15 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: Our app builds are ready for Apple approval, with the exception of Publish Step content and additional content population (Shopping Cart, Around Us, Food Ordering, and Coupon/Loyalty tab items). If you make drastic changes to your application, which fall outside Apple's strict approval standards, your app will be sent into our (QA) review process. Therefore, our design team will no longer be responsible for making changes to your app in order to gain Apple approval.

If you're expecting to produce high volumes of apps, or if your app order does not fit into the above criteria, we strongly recommend hiring a freelance graphic designer on (previously oDesk)! At high volume creation, you'd save quite a bit by hiring your own outsourced graphic designers. See this article for more information!