MyMobiSolution offers a robust white-label platform to resellers that uses the same technology that has been used to develop over 20,000 apps in over 50 countries. To ensure that you, as a reseller, enjoy the maximum benefit from participating in the MyMobiSolution program, here are some tips to remember:

1. Market to a Niche

As the old saying goes, if you try to talk to everyone, you often talk to no one. Select a niche and focus your marketing efforts on it. There are many small business types nationwide that have proven to be profitable for app developers. For example, restaurants, law offices, real estate agencies, and many others. Chose an industry and zero in, and your efforts will lead to far better returns.

2. Don’t Undervalue Your Product

As a guideline, many resellers charge customers a setup fee of $1,500-2,000, as well as a $100/month recurring charge. You deliver a product that can have huge value for helping small businesses connect with their customers, increase loyalty, and drive revenue growth. Keep it in mind when establishing and negotiating prices.

3. Client Testimonials

Few things are as persuasive to a target as hearing positive reviews from those in the target’s shoes that have adopted apps. For each success story you create, make sure that you obtain a testimonial. Don’t just develop an app and move on. Reach back, connect with current clients, and ask them how things are going. If they’re going well, you have a nice testimonial. If not, you have feedback that you (or we) can use to improve our offering. It’s a win-win.

4. Make Sure Your Website Looks Professional

A professional-looking website is key for establishing credibility and trust with prospects, as well as anchoring your prices at a higher level. Make sure that your website doesn’t turn anyone off, or create the perception that you aren’t a quality, well-established service provider.

5. Utilize MyMobiSolution Support

We’re here to help! If you have issues, questions, want to talk strategy, want to submit feedback, or just want to chat about the industry, reach out to us. Our white label program is a two-way street and the more communication we receive, the better you do, and the better we all do. We are deeply invested in ensuring that each of our resellers succeeds, because your success is also our success, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need a hand.

6. Take Advantage of Available Tools

There are a wealth of resources available to you that can help you succeed. Review these links, and you’re bound to find something helpful:

7. Stay Current on Industry Stats

We are constantly sharing new information through our blog, social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter), and other channels. Keep your ear to the speaker, so to speak, and you’ll know everything we know.

8. Understand The Product

Top resellers understand our product, our features, and the benefits of small businesses going mobile. You can improve your product and market knowledge by utilizing all of the help materials available to you. And if you have a question, feel free to shoot us an email! Our success is your success!

As you can see from the last few items, the more time you spend researching the platform and industry, the better off you are. Read up on our features and other relevant info, and you’ll be able to maximize your opportunity – and that’s the essence of a successful MyMobiSolution Reseller.

9. Communicate Effectively

Lastly, it's important that you effectively communicate what you can offer, how you can offer it, and what your offerings are worth. See the tips below on explaining why you charge a monthly hosting fee for your clients' apps. This is one of the most common objections you may receive during the sales process, but with a brief and logical explanation, you shouldn't face backlash from potential clients.

Additionally, keep in mind that technology is an ever-changing industry. Customers may be alarmed by the rate at which we release updates, new features, and platform changes. Make sure you educate them on why these updates are essential, and that it's an industry standard to push the limit on what your product can do.