Please make sure you've reviewed the HTML5 App Overview article in full before reading below.

Visiting Your HTML5 App

There are a few ways you can access your HTML5 app after publishing:

  1. If you added the mobile redirect script to the front-end website, you can visit the front-end site through your mobile device's browser to test out the automatic redirect. You should be taken right to the the HTML5 app instead of the full site.
  2. You can scan your HTML5 QR code using a QR scanner app to be taken to the HTML5 app.
  3. You can type the full HTML5 URL into your phone's browser.

Our modern HTML5 app supports the majority of our features and layout options, though some tabs and native options (like call, camera, voice recording, etc.) are unavailable. Check out this article for a full list of tabs that HTML5 apps support. You'll notice some fun effects that aren't available in our native apps too.

Saving an HTML5 App to Your Device

Though you can't download an HTML5 app like you can a native app, you can easily save a shortcut to your device's home screen. It will look just like any native app on your home screen, though it's technically just a bookmarked website.

On iOS Devices:

On Android devices (process may differ):