Read over the info below if you or your clients are receiving confirmation emails from the wrong email address. We explain how our confirmation emails work, and what you can do to get around this.


The "from" email address on form submission confirmations, order confirmations, and appointment confirmations will be the same for all of your apps. This email address pulls from the "support email address" associated with your Reseller account. If you'd like to change your support email address, shoot us an email requesting the change. Keep in mind, this email will apply to all apps in your Reseller account, so it's best to keep it general. We also suggest using a "noreply" prefix (like so customers notice that they should not respond to these emails. This applies to the following tabs:

The "from" email address on Food Ordering confirmations come from a generic email address that we use for all Resellers' apps. (We won't list it here out of concern for compromising your white-labeling in the event that your client ran a quick Google search of the email.) We previously used the "support email address" attached to your Reseller account, but switched over to this one generic address after a great deal of email delivery issues. Specific email providers were blocking the delivery of confirmation emails after recognizing the Reseller support email addresses as false.

Because one generic email address is the sender on these confirmation emails, your customers (the business owners) cannot reply to confirmation emails to get in touch with clients. Similarly, your customers' clients (the end users) cannot reply to their confirmation emails to get in touch with the business.

We recommend:
  1. Adding a note in the tab description about emailing the business directly, so end users know to not reply to the confirmation email.
  2. Explaining this system to your customers (the business owners) so that they're aware that they should not reply to confirmation emails, but instead draft a new email to respond to customer orders/submissions.
  3. If you're not comfortable using a "noreply" email address for the Email Form, Merchandise, and Reservation tabs, you can always set up a separate email address that is solely for confirmation email replies and forward these replies to your clients when you receive them. Keep in mind, this is more work for you and you may be better off just going with #1 & #2.

Single Clients

Single client apps are hosted under MyMobiSolution, so the support email address is ours ( If you (the business owner) or your end users respond to confirmation emails, those emails will come to us. We'll always be sure to email you back and let you know your response came to us, but make sure to keep this in mind when you receive submissions.

We recommend:
  1. Adding a note in the tab description about emailing the business directly, so end users know to not reply to the confirmation email.
  2. Drafting a new email when you need to get in touch with a user about their submission. You can copy their email address from the confirmation email and paste that into the "To" field of a new email.