Checking for the number of times your app has been downloaded is EASY! You'll need to log into your developer accounts to locate these numbers.


1. Start by logging into your developer account here.

2. Then, click on Sales and Trends.

3. This will take you to a graph of all of your apps' combined download numbers. To select a specific app, scroll down and locate it under the ‘Content’ section.

4. You will then see a new graph with the data for the app you have selected. (You can adjust the time range from the dates on the right side of the account.)

Units = number of downloads for your app


1. Log into your Google Developer account here.

2. When you first log in, you'll see an overview of all your apps. You'll see the total current installs vs. the total installs over time under the column "CURRENT / TOTAL INSTALLS."

3. To see more details on a particular app, click it from the list and go to "Statistics" view on the following page.

4. From here, you can choose a different range of dates and a more detailed analysis of your installs!