Building and designing an app is the first step. But how do users actually download and access your app in the App Store and Google Play? Apps first need to be uploaded and released within both marketplaces. The upload process is different for Android vs. iOS apps.


Our customers upload their own apps to their Google Developer accounts. Check out this article for instructions on uploading your Android app. The process is fairly simple, and generally takes no more than 20 minutes.

Once your app is released by Google, users can visit the Play Store on their Android devices and search for the app by name to locate and install it.


We upload your iOS apps for you! The process is far more complex than with Android, requiring a great deal more labor, technical knowledge, and software.

In order to get your iOS app live in the App Store, you first need to publish it through your dashboard. When you publish your app, we receive the upload request and the app enters our "upload pipeline." In about 3-5 business days, we'll upload your app to Apple Developer/iTunes Connect.

Once an app is uploaded and reaches its waiting status ("Waiting for Review"), it's in Apple's hands. Generally, Apple will begin their review within 7-10 business days. If they approve your app, it will be released and available for download through the App Store. If rejected, you'll need to sort out the reasons for rejection and then resubmit the app. We're more than happy to assist with Apple rejections, so feel free to contact us for help if you face a rejection!